Scarborough Night & Weekend Cases

Updated February 1, 2014
Author: R. Morrison

Description: Scheduling & doing Cases after hours at Scarborough Campus


During off hours (Mon-Friday 5-11 PM; Sat, Sun, Holidays 7 AM-11 PM) ophthalmology emergencies are permitted at SSC if the equipment at Bramhall is not adequate for the procedure (ie microscope, phaco).

MMC's 2013 Notice of "Non-Comprehensive Emergency Eye Care" is included here (as a Word doc) for reference.

Booking a Case through the MMC Floorwalker

It is the eye surgeon’s responsibility to speak directly with the floor walker and, if the case is approved, the surgeon then contacts the Brighton operator to reach the SSC on call team with procedure details and start time.

Contacting SSC Before You Arrive

DO NOT proceed to SSC until you have called ahead to verify that Security (396-7162) has opened the facility and that the SSC Call team and patient is on site (or expected imminently).  To reach the SSC Call Team call the

Parking, Access, Food

If you are unfamiliar with SSC: access is via the parking side door, basement level.  ORs are on the main floor and locker rooms are in the basement.  The anesthesia work room is across from OR #4.  Food, snacks, coffee and tea are non-existent after hours so bring your own if you might need nourishment or stimulation.

Your ID card is needed to gain access to the building, the locker room and the anesthesia work room.

SSC has replaced the traditional anesthesia "Bluebell" cabinet with Pixis Anesthesia Workstations. Your Bramhall PIXIS username and password is needed to access the anesthesia medications in each of these. Note that when dispensing any medication it must be assigned (charged) to a specific patient otherwise the pharmacy will soon be after you. The Epic SeHR is identical to Bramhall's.

Operating Room #1

Room #1 is used for eye cases.  Its “blue bell” is now an anesthesia-specific Pixis unit.  Your Bramhall Pixis username and password will give you access.  Be sure to sign out drugs to your patient to help with later pixis restocking.