MMC Post-Op Management Guidelines

Updated March, 2016
Author: T. Lord

Description: MMC PACU and post-op Guidelines for Patient Management

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Residual NeuroMuscular Blockade

Always reverse Neostigmine. See R. Morrison's Lecture 2012.

Pulmonary Artery Catheters in PACU

PACU RNs no longer see enough patients with PACs to maintain competency caring for these patients. Therefore, the PACU will no longer accept patients with PACs. So..

  1. If you are placing a PAC for an elective case and feel the PAC will be necessary post-op to help manage the patient, please make sure the patient has an ICU bed preop. If not, and PAC is definitely needed, don't do the case.
  2. If the case is an emergency and an ICU bed is not available, we will help PACU manage the PAC until an ICU bed becomes available.

Phase II Discharge Criteria

click here for pdf summary of Phase II Criteria for Discharge

Contact List

PACU Contact List
Spectrum Staff Liason: Barbara Ryan Pager: 851-6507
Head Nurse PACU: Peggy Estee  
PACU Desk Phone:   662-2292
Respiratory Therapy:   Pager: