Lumbar Spinal Drainage Catheters

Updated February 14, 2018
Authors: Pisini, Boyd

Description: References for lumbar spinal CSF drainage catheter placement and management, and removal

Patient Selection:

A spinal drainage catheter is used primarily for one of two reasons:

There can be no contraindications to placement and no plans for anticoagulation while patient has indwelling CSF drain

Equipment (all located on the Block Cart in room 20)



Securing and Taping of a Spinal Drainage Catheter after Placement

Daily Management



A nursing document, with guidelines on management of a spinal drainage catheter, including guidelines for drainage, pressure management, and general care. Click here .

Link to a Powerpoint/pdf presentation describing indications, placement, and post-op complications of Lumbar Spinal Drainage Catheters. Click here